Lost Country House Reborn

Proposes new house
Proposed new house

The site of a country house demolished in the 1930’s has been proposed as the location for a new country house designed to be “the closest thing to an original stately home that it’s possible to build”.

The design of The Ridge in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire is inspired by the original 19th-century house, built in the 1820s, which was demolished in 1936 after a decline which saw the house ending it’s days a nursing home.

The creation of a new house on this scale is certainly to be welcomed – especially in any location where the essential components of the lost house still remain.  However, it’s important that the new house is not simply a modern patische of the original.  This clever approach, by Yiangou, a Gloucestershire-based architectural practice, not only follows the long tradition of re-building country houses but also makes it more likely to get through the modern planning process.

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Thieves take Tompion clock from Levens Hall

Police believe at least two people were involved in burglary at Levens Hall in Cumbria during which a rare Thomas Tompion clock was stolen.  The cretins even managed to damage it so if you’re offered a particularly fine clock missing one of it’s feet then you may want to let the police know.

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Times Blog ponders ‘Who invented the “stately home”?’

A Twitter post from @Archispeak asking “Who coined the term “stately home” and when?” prompts the Times to delves into it’s archives to try and find an answer.

The earliest mention in their archives is from February 1847 in a story relating the terrible destruction by fire of Easton Lodge in Essex.  A gallery of images of the house can also be found on the ‘Lost Heritage’ website: Easton Lodge

As to whether 1847 is really the earliest use of the term it seems unlikely – I’m sure with a bit of research something earlier can be found.

Blog post: ”Who invented the “stately home”?’‘ [The Times]