Nocton Hall ‘amongst 10 most endangered’

Nocton Hall (Image from Wikipedia)
Nocton Hall (Image from Wikipedia)

Nocton Hall suffered a devastating fire in 2004 and since then has remained a roof-less, though restorable, shell with no sign that the new owners have any inclination to rescue this interesting and attractive house.

The original Nocton Hall burnt down in 1834 and the new house was built by William Shearburn for the Earl of Ripon in 1841.  It was then taken over by the Air Ministry in 1940 for use as a hospital for RAF Nocton.  The RAF left in 1983 following which it became a residential home.  However, in the mid-1990s the business failed and it was bought by a local developer, Leda Properties.  A then sadly familiar story played out with the house ravaged by vandalism and theft before the ‘suspicious’ fire in 2004. 

The Victorian Society have now declared that the Grade-II listed Nocton Hall is one of their ‘Top 10 Most Endangered Buildings’ in the country.  Hopefully this will again focus some attention and, along with the concerns of locals, will perhaps prompt Leda Properties to declare their intentions.  One hopes that this is not another case of a developer hoping that further vandalism or fire will give them the opportunity to apply for permission to demolish.  Lincolnshire has lost far too many of it’s country houses already over the last 100 years – there is no reason beyond stubborn greed why Nocton Hall should be added to the list.

Full story: ‘Nocton Hall a ‘top 10’ endangered building‘ [Lincolnshire Echo]

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