New series of ‘Country House Rescue’ starts 4 March

Plas Teg, Wales (Image: Plas Teg website)

The fascinating first series of ‘Country House Rescue’ showed all to clearly that ownership of a country house is no passport to an easy life of luxury.  In fact, it demonstrated that being the ‘lord of the manor’ brings with it many responsibilities which can take a significant toll both physically but most importantly financially.

On Thursday 4 March at 20:00 on Channel 4 the next series of ‘Country House Rescue‘ starts in Wales with the owner of Plas Teg; a grade-I listed Jacobean house which has remained remarkably unchanged since it was built in 1610.  However, for the owner who gave up her glamorous life in Notting Hill when she moved to this 20,000sq ft house, it has proved to be a constant struggle to maintain this important house.  Hopefully Ruth can provide some of her usual robust advice to help get Plas Teg on the path to a more secure future.

More details: ‘Country House Rescue‘ [Channel 4]

One thought on “New series of ‘Country House Rescue’ starts 4 March

  1. Andrew March 1, 2010 / 13:16

    It’s somewhat ironic that the only way some country houses can survive these days is to appear on TV programmes about how difficult it is to survive (thereby receiving fees and free publicity).

    For a summary of the ‘Country House Rescue’ series episodes:

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    Book (2006) –
    (revised 2nd edition – Oct 2007)

    Exterior-interior photos –

    BBC Wales video tour –

    Ghost hunt on 5 Feb 2010 –

    Riverhill House (2nd episode, 11 Feb) websites:

    Official website (currently not working) –

    Episode details –

    Images of England –

    Visit Britain –

    Wikipedia –

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