Rules for comments

One of the great features of this blog are the comments – often so insightful and informative and much appreciated. The purpose of this blog is to support our country houses and revel in their beauty and, where possible, to help highlight any threats to them. Sometimes though passions can run high (especially in regards to programmes such as Country House Rescue) so I thought it might be useful to provide some guidelines/rules as to what are acceptable comments:

  • Be nice.  Please remember this blog is a hobby of one chap, so in the interests of creating a good atmosphere and me not getting sued, please avoid attacking individuals; be they the owners, councils, or other commenters. Criticising their actions is fine – just avoid questioning their parentage, mental state, or right to exist.
  • Be architectural. Ideally this blog will educate, it is deliberately pitched at a slightly higher level and it is fine to respond in an ‘academic’ frame of mind and vocabulary.
  • It may seem obvious but do not post or comment with harassing, defamatory, abusive, offensive, pornographic, racist, sexist, threatening, hateful or otherwise inappropriate language. It’s boring, boorish, and I delete it.

99.5% of comments are absolutely fine (and will be posted untouched) but this is just to explain why some may not be appear, get removed, or edited (though if the latter, I will email the poster to explain why). These rules/guidelines are not exhaustive as sometimes it is simply a judgement call on my part and may be updated as I see fit.

Any questions please do contact me via the email address on the right —>

Many thanks