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To be able to devote time to the academic study of country houses is a real pleasure so, if you have the opportunity, below is a list of known courses offered by UK institutions. Page last updated February 2021

If you know of, or teach, any others please do let me know and I’ll add them to the list. 


University of Buckingham
– ‘English Country House by Research


University of Buckingham
– ‘English Country House 1485-1945‘ (assessed / non-assessed) – evening classes, based in London
– ‘Decorative Arts and Historic Interiors

University of York
– ‘English Building History (online)‘ (3 years, part-time)

MA – module (available as part of non-country house specific course)

Birkbeck, University of London
History of Art‘ with optional module ‘The Country House Experience’ (ARVC252S7)

University of Cambridge – Department of Architecture
– ‘Building History‘ with optional module ‘The country house and its landscape

University of East Anglia
– ‘Landscape History‘ (or part-time)

Undergraduate degree

University of Buckingham
– ‘History of Art and Heritage Management (2-year degree)

BA – module (available as part of non-country house specific course)

University of Derby
– ‘British Country Houses and their Families‘ (offered as part History degree)

University of Leicester
‘The English Country House and its Landscapes
– ‘The Country House in Literature

University of Warwick
– ‘From Fortress to Country House‘ (offered as part of History of Art degree)


University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education
– ‘Undergraduate Diploma in Historic Building Conservation‘ (1-year, online)
– ‘Undergraduate Diploma in History of Art: British Visual Culture‘ (1-year, online)


No known courses

Other qualifications/non-accredited/short courses

Attingham Trust for the Study of Historic Houses and Collections
– Summer School
– ‘From College Library to Country House‘ (5-day course)

Leicester Vaughan College
– ‘Resonances and Representations: Aspects of The English Country House‘ (starts 30th November 2020 –  10-week online evening course | future dates TBC)

Nottingham Trent University
– ‘English Country House: History, Heritage and Symbolism‘ (two-week summer school)

Sheffield University
– ‘Literature of the English Country House‘ (multiple start dates)

University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education
– ‘Country Houses‘ (one-week residential)
The Culture of the English Country House (Online) (3-month duration, multiple start dates)

Archive of courses no longer offered

Manchester Metropolitan University
– ‘Rethinking the country house garden, 1750-1850: Creation and consumption’

University of Cambridge
– ‘Historic Environment’ – MSt

University of East Anglia – Sainsbury Institute for Art
– ‘At Close Quarters: The English Country House and its Collections’
‘History with Landscape Archaeology’

– Year 3 – ‘Landscape Special Study’

University of Exeter
– ‘The English Country House: History, Architecture and Landscape’ (Summer 2017)

University of Hull
– ‘Certificate in Country House Studies’

University of Leeds
‘History of Art with Museum Studies’
– ‘Museum and Country House Studies 1: The English Country House’
– ‘Museum and Country House Studies 2: Introduction to Museum Studies’

University of Leicester – Centre for the Study of the Country House
– ‘The Country House in Art, History and Literature’ – campus-based
– ‘The Country House’ – distance learning

University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education
– ‘Upstairs, Downstairs in the English Country House’ (July 2017)

University of York
– ‘British Country House’

8 thoughts on “The Study

  1. Sassy Countess September 15, 2012 / 15:41

    Cambridge offers an MSt in Historic Environment. It is mostly online. Here is what the site says…

    What will I be studying?

    The MSt provides a systematic understanding of:
    •principles and policy governing historic environment protection and planning
    •the management, practicalities, and main issues involved in monument protection
    •the conservation and restoration of historic landscapes
    •academic theory, concept, and current research
    •training in research techniques in the historic environment and their application

    You will also have the opportunity to undertake self-directed original research, under the direction of a University of Cambridge supervisor.

    By the way, I would like to share your information on my site.

  2. Matthew Beckett - The Country Seat September 15, 2012 / 18:05

    Thanks – I’ve now added it to the list. Please do make others aware of this list as I’d like it to be as comprehensive as possible. To save you having to keep checking for changes, it may be easier for you to just link back to this page (and I’d be grateful for a link to it anyway if you do mention it).

    Thanks again


  3. Roberta 'Bobby' Anderson September 16, 2012 / 22:00

    MA on Jane Austen and the Country House in the West Country or something like that being written as we speak – at Bath Spa University.

    • Matthew Beckett - The Country Seat September 17, 2012 / 12:37

      Thanks Roberta – I’ll keep an eye out for that one; it’s an interesting angle for study. If you do see any details in the future please do let me know.


  4. Nicola Cousins July 23, 2019 / 10:46

    Hull university dont do the country house studies course anymore

    • Matthew Beckett - The Country Seat October 7, 2019 / 15:47

      Thanks Nicola – I’ve struck it out rather than delete it just in case someone was looking for it.

  5. Liz Lowry November 12, 2019 / 15:40

    Sadly, Leicester are no longer offering their campus based MA.

    • Matthew Beckett - The Country Seat June 15, 2020 / 12:16

      Thanks Liz – I’ve now refreshed the list. Seems there’s been a significant decline in the number of course on country houses being offered.

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