Viewhill House to be demolished

Local Inverness councillors have managed to cut off their nose to spite their architectural face  – and claim it’s a triumph of cosmetic surgery.  Viewhill House (mentioned in this blog on 13 Oct) has been approved for demolition and will almost certainly be built over – another important and interesting piece of Inverness architecture will be lost forever.  Meanwhile the builders have been claiming that it was the objections of Historic Scotland which have prevented the restoration of the house.  What they mean is that they haven’t been given free reign to do as they wish and now they’re having a tantrum.  The worst developers are prone to claiming that their vandalism is ‘necessary’ to secure jobs/investment/tourism/etc but usually the price is paid in lost architectural heritage.  Viewhill House is another casualty.  Give it a few hundred years and maybe the developers will hold a party when they get rid of the last of these historical speed bumps.

Full story: ‘Heritage in danger of crumbling away‘ [Inverness Courier] / ‘Quango accused of causing failure of three businesses‘ [The Press and Journal]

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