Moat Brae House saved!

Though not strictly a ‘country’ house, it’s worth including a particularly good piece of news that Moat Brae House in Dumfries, which was threatened with illegal demolition by the housing association which owned it, has been saved following its sale to a preservation trust for £1.

The gardens at Moat Brae were an inspiration for ‘Neverland’ for JM Barrie who visited regularly when at school locally.  The house had become neglected but was easily restorable but the housing association had intended to demolish the house without following any of the annoying little things like the proper legal procedure.  If they had followed through with their plan, not only would Dumfries have lost a key piece of local architecture but those in the housing association may well have ended up with criminal convictions.

Work on the house and fund-raising for future restoration begins to secure the long-term future of this fine house.

Full story: ‘Peter Pan mansion secured for £1‘ [BBC]

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