Scraptoft Hall at risk from ‘rescue’

Scraptoft Hall
Scraptoft Hall

A proposal to restore Scraptoft Hall, a much-neglected Georgian mansion, as part of a large development scheme has been challenged by English Heritage. 

In what may be seen as a return to the mis-guided approaches of the 1970s and 80s, a local developer has dangled the ‘carrot’ of restoration of the Hall whilst seeking permission to build a huge 103-apartment retirement village in the grounds.

Scraptoft Hall was largely built in the early 1720s but the core dates back to the 1500s, however, in recent decades the elegant house had been adandoned and beset by theft and idiot vandals who had set fire to some areas. 

Harborough District Council is ‘minded’ to approve the plans but English Heritage has objected that the proposals would seriously compromise the setting of the hall. 

If approved this scheme would reduce this elegant house to a mere architectural curiousity in the middle of  a huge development.  The Council should reject this scheme – even if the developers claim it’s the only hope.  The sacrificing of the house to enabling development is make a mockery of heritage protection and would encourage other like-minded developers to consider that all old buildings with a bit of land are fair game for their destructive tendencies.

Details of the inquiry: Scraptoft Hall redevelopment inquiry

Full story: ‘Project ‘will restore Scraptoft Hall to its former glory’‘ [Leicester Mercury]

3 thoughts on “Scraptoft Hall at risk from ‘rescue’

  1. Janie Wigley February 4, 2010 / 09:21

    I am a descendant of the Wigley’s who lived in Scraptoft Hall. I was fortunate to visit the village of Scraptoft in 2004. I met the Vicar of the church who was kind enough to unlock the church doors and let me spend time inside. I had chills just thinking that centuries ago, other Wigley women had stood just where I was standing. After visiting the church, I walked to Scraptoft Hall. The gates were locked and the house looked empty. I would love to visit again. I hope and pray that developers don’t destroy the Hall. Being an American, I know how we seem to not cherish our historic buildings. When I was in England, it was lovely to see how ya’ll cherish your historic places. If there is anything that I can do to help with the restoration of Scraptoft Hall, please let me know. Janie Wigley (Birmingham, AL, USA

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