Sewerby Hall restoration projects secures HLF funding

Sewerby Hall, Yorkshire (Image: East Riding Council)

Sewerby Hall has secured £50,000 to develop further it’s plans for a £2.6m restoration of the house. 

The grade-I listed Sewerby Hall was inherited by John Graeme in 1714 who promptly rebuilt the house which is the core of the current building.  The Graeme family owned Sewerby unti 1934 and in intervening 200 years made many alterations to create the elegant house which survives today. 

The Council are proposing to redevelop the outbuildings such as the former laundry block to provide the necessary visitor facilities.  The house will also be restored but encouragingly the Council have said that they “will work closely with planning and architectural colleagues, English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund and other specialist advisors to take the project forward to the next stage” – which sounds encouragingly sensitive in contrast to the plans of other councils (see earlier post on Forty Hall in Middlesex).  Of course, the proof of how sensitive they will be will only become apparent when the plan is published but hopefully this project will not only protect but enhance this important house.

Full story: ‘Big step forward for Sewerby restoration project‘ [Nafferton Today]