2009 English Heritage Buildings at Risk Register

Another year, another sad list of important, interesting, beautiful and sadly at risk properties.  Each year the English Heritage Buildings at Risk Register and that produced by SAVE Britain’s Heritage give another sad reminder that though the UK is rich in vernacular architectural heritage there are still significant individual buildings at risk even today, after 50 or 60 years of interest in heritage protection.  Perhaps of equal concern is the fact that only 60% of local councils have their own BaR Register and often it is out of date – local councils should be the first line of defence for their local heritage.  Ask your council for their Register and if they say they haven’t got one or that it’s out of date demand to know why.

If you have the resources but most importantly a sympathetic understanding of restoration then please do consider taking on one of these buildings.  Remember that listed buildings – when well looked after and sensitively restored – always command a premium in the housing market.

Below are David Brack of English Heritage’s top five tips when taking on a restoration project:

  1. You’ll need to discover why the property is in the state it is?
  2. Get a proper survey.
  3. Appoint a good architect.
  4. Employ a good builder.
  5. Maintain contact with your Conservation Officer throughout your renovation.

Full story: ‘The pitfalls of buying a romantic wreck

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