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Quick news roundup: Gelli Aur, Raasay House, overseas buyers

‘Welsh mansion appeal for armed forces retreat‘ [BBC News] Raasay House: ‘Work to start on fire hit centre‘ [BBC News] ‘Overseas buyers snapping up country houses‘ [Country Life]

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Cherkley Court closes to the public

Despite the continued visitor success of the more famous country houses such as Castle Howard, the closure of Cherkley Court  in Leatherhead, Surrey, to the public shows that the smaller houses can find it much harder to make a profit. The house … Continue reading

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Eshott Hall, Northumberland, finally sold

One event which can always creates a certain risk for country houses is the bankruptcy of the owner.  Once the contents have been sold, apart from the lack of maintenence, an empty house can be a magnet for the thieves who … Continue reading

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Stanwick Hall to get a makeover on TV

When the beautiful Grade-II* listed, Queen Anne-era Stanwick Hall came up for sale in 2006, many would have been surprised at the relatively  low asking price of £1.1m. Though the house came with seven bedroom and 11-acres in the Northamptonshire … Continue reading

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The lack of modern country houses: FT Special Report

The building of a country house used to be the ultimate expression of success. It was the sign that a man had achieved much that he wished to do and was now able to devote time and resources to this … Continue reading

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The plot thickens and a row brews: Brook House, Essex

It seems that, despite the claims of the owner/developer of Brook House in Tiptree, Essex, English Heritage haven’t said that the house should be demolished.  Following on from the earlier story (Another house at risk from a developer: Brook House, … Continue reading

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