Yaldham Manor application delayed again

The application to restore Yaldham Manor, near Wrotham in Kent, has been delayed again with the decision deferred until a site visit has taken place in February. After a first application, submitted three years ago, was withdrawn as it was thought likely to fail, the new application [pdf] was first submitted back in January 2009 and has been the subject of extensive discussions as to the appropriateness of the enabling development.

Yaldham Manor has a 14th-century great hall, which also features a large Tudor window, and also impressive ornamental chimneys.  Latterly the home of the Lade and Cory families it is now falling into a poor state of repair and requires urgent work.  To fund the restoration of the main house, the application seeks permission to create a ‘hamlet’ with new cottages being built to replace ones which have been demolished and also new homes in the derelict outbuildings.  The main house will remain as a single residence.

It seems a shame that they all couldn’t be bought by someone who could restore the house and outbuildings as a single family mini-estate.  However, if this is not possible, and much as I’m usually against most enabling development, this seems to be a sensitive proposal.  I fully support the council in taking a very close look at the application however it does seem a shame that it will have taken over a year to reach a decision but it must be recognised that our heritage requires a careful balance between protection and ensuring that appropriate works can be carried out.

Full story: ‘Historic manor in jeopardy‘ [thisiskent.co.uk]

One thought on “Yaldham Manor application delayed again

  1. Beth Winter Bania February 19, 2011 / 02:19

    Yaldham Manor (while well the home of the Lade and Cory families) was built by the Peckham family on land granted after my great XXXX grandfather and uncle fought in the Crusades with King Richard the Lion Hearted. The Peckham family history has been signficantly intertwined, at the highest levels of government, with the history of England – including the bestowal of Knighthood on at least two Peckham gentleman. Tis a shame to underestimate the first owners and occupants of Yaldham Manor and their part in English history.

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