Is Gwrych Castle for sale again?

Gwrych Castle, Wales (Image:

When Gwrych Castle was finally sold in June 2006 after twenty years of neglect, dereliction, fires and theft, there was much praise and relief locally that the once-beautiful “showplace of Wales” was to be rescued.  Bought by Yorkshire-based Clayton Hotels for £860,000, they estimated that once planning permission had been secured, the restoration would take between 2-3 years and cost an estimated £6m – however three years later, the major part of the restoration work has yet to start.

Built between 1819-1825 for Lloyd Hesketh Bamford-Hesketh, grade-I listed Gwrych was one of the largest ‘castlellated mansions’ in Europe, part of a ‘gothick’ revival which included some of Britain’s most picturesque country houses such as Eastnor Castle, East Cowes Castle, Lea Castle, and Castel Coch and many more. Following its sale by the 13th Earl of Dundonald in 1946 it was opened to the public in various forms and under various owners until 1989.  The failure of the redevelopment plans led to the castle being left unprotected against the ravages of the weather, travellers, and vandals, leaving the castle a mere shell, the fine interiors rotting in piles in the collapsed ground floor.

The plans unveiled by Clayton Hotels in 2007 showed that the castle would be fully restored and largely based on the original layout. Mark Baker of the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, who had campaigned since he was 11 to save the castle, welcomed the plans and for many it seemed that the end was in sight.  In February 2009, Wales Online (‘Welsh ruin to be transformed with techniques fit for royal home‘) trumpeted how the design work for the restoration was starting under the care of Donald Insall, one of the best conservation architects in the UK.  However, in May 2009, a story on BBC News (‘Slow economy delays hotel plans‘) explained that the slow economy had delayed plans and also the cost for the project had risen to between £12-14m.

Now a recent story (‘Clitheroe man haunted by ghostly image in castle window‘) about a ghost in a window included some interesting quotes which raise some questions about the status of the project – or perhaps just the intended future clients.

A Lancashire businessman who combines being an optician with “psychic management” claimed to have taken a picture of a girl standing at a window where there is no floor.  Kevin Horkin claimed he was visiting the site as “I buy property and was looking at the castle with the view buying it.” and the story ends by saying that “Kevin has put a bid in for the castle which he hopes to turn into a luxury psychic retreat.”.  Despite the obvious convenience of a psychic who wants to open a hotel taking one of the clearest ever pictures of a ghost, it does raise questions about why he is saying the hotel is for sale? The Clayton Hotels website is one page with an email link and with the dramatic rise in restoration costs and the difficulties of the property markets, is the castle being quietly marketed ‘off the record’? Perhaps the quotes are misconstrued, or perhaps Clayton will refurbish the house but lease it Mr Horkin, but either way, Clayton Hotels should perhaps clarify exactly what is happening to this iconic part of Wales’ architectural heritage especially as so many people have spent so long campaigning for its rescue.

More information about the house: ‘Gwrych Castle Trust

5 thoughts on “Is Gwrych Castle for sale again?

  1. Dave June 3, 2010 / 21:38

    The position is that Clayton Hotels ran out of cash and called in the Receivers back in August 2009. It seems that the castle was being marketed in some form, as it was sold in April 2010 for £300,000 to Edwards Property Management (UK) Ltd, of Widnes. I’ve heard that they plan to carry on with the hotel project but there has been no official confirmation of this. In fact, the media seems to have missed the fact that a sale has taken place completely! As always with Gwrych, nothing ever seems clear cut, so we can only remain in hope that restoration will finally happen…at some point.

    Some recent photos and history of the castle can be found on my blog:

  2. Phil August 30, 2010 / 12:02

    I remember posting a comment on a popular news site back in 2007, stating that the funds set aside by Clayton Hotels would be nowhere near sufficient to see their project through to completion. Projects like these just suck up money and most of us saw the darkening clouds of recession looming large on the horizon at the time. Frankly, It amazes me that any company would consider Gwrych as a potential development opportunity, given the amount of work required and the inevitable spiralling costs that any development project would incurr.However, I do truly believe that Gwrych Castle will find a very special person who will have the drive, vision and financial resources to bring it back to life, for the benefit of all. But to all those property development companies and businessman who want to make themselves wealthy off the back of Gwrych with ideas of hotels, theme parks, psychic retreats etc, then step right up…….your poisoned chalice awaits!!!!!!

  3. Dave August 30, 2010 / 17:18

    I’m of a similar opinion, I would like the see the very well supported Preservation Trust take control and start the long haul of renovation.

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